Pray For The Wicked | Panic! At The Disco | The Review

So it is June 22nd and the year is 2018.  Panic! At The Disco have just released their sixth studio album and summer is upon us.

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‘Pray for the Wicked’ is an 11-track whirlwind of modern pop, with an exciting nostalgia. It kicks off with a dance tune ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’ a song, that upon first listening won’t necessarily feel special, but will have you dancing all day without even noticing. It is a fantastic opening piece to such a crazy album.

Next up is ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’, a song that features an incredibly impressive falsetto note, and the lyrical origins of the albums title. Its chopped up lyrics and use of beats are something worth embracing.

‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It!’ feels so energetic and gives a level of triumph that could make it a graduation theme song for this summer. It’s a song that makes you want to move and certainly celebrate.

“I’m a hooker selling songs and my pimp’s a record label”

Track four holds ‘High Hopes’ and this song is a catchy anthem that has already been snapped up by NHL team Las Vegas’ Golden Knights, and who can blame them?

‘Roaring 20’s’ is another catchy song, however fans of the Great Gatsby may be left disappointed as this certainly isn’t talking about the era. This will be a song that speaks to many and certainly throws in that exciting nostalgia mentioned earlier.

“Roll me like a blunt ’cause I want to go home”

‘Dancing’s Not a Crime’ (unless you do it without me) is a song that you have to move to. I dare you to try otherwise. Even if the rest of this album leaves you statue still, you will not be able to resist the layers and rhythms of this track.

The next track is ‘One For The Drunks’. This song is electronic and whacky, and will probably take some growing. It fits well to the flow of the rest of the album, but its unlikely to be your favourite upon first listen.

‘The Overpass’ has a very cinematic sound, which is complimented by the large big band orchestration. It takes the best of the past and brings it to the present in a beautiful frenzy.

Multi-layering has been a very popular method throughout this album, and ‘King of the Clouds’ is a perfect illustration of how that sound can cause a song to become an experience. Its light and airy, but the harmonies and layering add that much needed density to the track, a real sound sensation.

‘Old Fashioned’ really brings in that need for nostalgia. Its a song that makes you want to open a bottle and sit with a photo album or twelve and  just appreciate life with those you have around you, and even with such a heavy subject, the song is just as easy a song you’ll play at your next party. It is a fantastic combination of the two.

Finally, the album comes to an end with a piano ballad. ‘Dying in LA’ is a tribute to the City of Angels and its ability to make or break even the strongest of people. Its a fitting end to an energetic album, that just drags you back to reality.

The use of layering and chopped vocals throughout this album, makes it the perfect introduction to Summer. Its high energy without forgetting poetic lyrics and an appreciation for life and what you have.

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This album gets a worthy 4/5.

You can listen on Spotify for free or purchase here!

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