Fall Out Boy | Manchester | 29.03.18

Hello there!

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of seeing my favourite band again, and honestly I’m overwhelmed.

First up was MAX. I was a little scared when I saw the laptop on stage that this would be a generic DJ set, but my god was I wrong. This man is unbelievable. Never have I been so impressed by a support act…EVER. There was so much energy and sass and I fell in love. Plus, this guy can SING! Like, really sing. I would definitely pay to see him again.

Against the Current were next, which meant it was time for more insane vocals. I’d listened to this band once or twice in a Spotify playlist but I’d never really given them much credit.

The band lacked chemistry, and gave off the vibe that the singer, Chrissy Costanza was the show and that the band were simply her backing track. Still, they put on one hell of a show.

Finally, Fall Out Boy. Now I’d be lying if I said that I won’t be a little biased here as they are my favourite band of all time, hands down, no questions asked. I love them. So… I’ve taken a quote from Matt, my boyfriend who I dragged with me… “not the best band live…they’re okay. But that is definitely the best atmosphere of any gig I’ve been too!”

Personally, I felt as though this was the best I’d seen from Fall Out Boy. Patrick’s vocals were amazing and consistent. His trills were spine tingling.

Manchester also became the first to hear Church live, and this being my favourite song from the new album Mania, it caused me to have a small meltdown.

I was also obsessed with Patrick‘s piano solo and acoustic version of Young and a Menace! I’ll pop the video just below.


The set saw a mix from albums old and new and the crowd knew every word, it was inspiring. Although, two days on… I still don’t have my voice back, so that’s inconvenient!

Honestly, even though I am totally biased, (I’m trying not to be) I had the best night. I always do.

I’m already excited for Leeds Festival to see them again.

Amy xo

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