Fundraising for The UK Sepsis Trust| Part Three

Hello Everyone,

This is just an extremely short post in my final attempt to push some more ticket sales for tonight.

Sepsis takes over 44,000 lives in the UK alone each year, and every 3.5 SECONDS a person somewhere in the world loses their life to this. It is awful, and needs to be stopped. I would hate for anyone to lose a family member to this, which has the potential to be so preventable.

With proper training and resources 14,000 lives could be saved each year in the UK as a MINIMUM! Just by catching Sepsis early. Which is why I’m trying so hard to get some funding for such a fantastic charity. Even the tiniest amount can do incredible things, so please, if you find yourself staying in tonight, DON’T! Come and say hi, and get yourself a ticket. It’s only £4 and you’d be saving lives by doing so. There’s a raffle with some incredible prizes on the go, entertainment from DJ Cookie who is a local hero, and The Navy Club has some fantastic drinks deals going on!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you may want to read this post, and then this one!

If you’re too far away to attend but still want to donate, you can do so here, even the tiniest amount is appreciated!

I’ll be live streaming as much as I possibly can over on Facebook and Instagram tonight too, and of course I will be singing!
Again, I’d like to thank you for support, and all of those who have given money big or small, the biggest of thank you’s is coming soon!

Thank you so much, I’ll see you tonight!
Amy xo

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