Self Care for Busy People

Hello There!

Since University is back in full swing, and I’m doing double the credits this semester, I thought I’d share my tips on how I get my self care in whilst still meeting deadlines, writing blog posts and getting close to enough sleep.

What is ‘self care’ I hear you cry? well, its just looking after your mental and physical health and well being. It sounds silly, but it is often something that people overlook, but really need to do.

Firstly, when doing things like cleaning, or cooking, or even laundry… get those Netflix binges in! I literally just carry my iPad around the flat with me and I find that it makes those tasks way less boring, and it also means that I stay up to date with Riverdale! I know a lot of people don’t consider watching TV to be self care, but TV time is me time, especially if its a show I love like Grey’s Anatomy!

Another thing that really benefits me is a face or a foot mask while I’m essay writing or catching up with assigned reading! I usually put a hydration mask on just because I can leave them on a little bit longer, but the best bit is, it forces you to have a break from writing to wash them off! So not only do you feel refreshed, and get your skin care in, but you also get a break too!
On a similar note, I love over night masks too, because then you don’t even have to put any effort in, and it just follows in with your usual morning routine!

Things like taking the stairs rather than the lift count too… it is technically exercise, another thing people don’t always see as self care, but it sure does make you feel good afterwards (once I’ve stopped panting…stairs are hard! – like I said, I’m as fit as a rug!)


Give yourself little sparks of happy, like your favourite sandwich for lunch, or having a bath instead of a shower, even just using a nice smelling soap. I love playing my favourite albums while I’m driving and having a damn good sing! These things don’t take much time but they do help to put a smile on your face, which is 100% the point!

All of the little things I do just help to take the edge off some of the stressful tasks that I have to do each day or week, and sometimes, I need more time for me than others. I can assure you though that giving something little back to myself really brightens my mood.

Self Care definitely isn’t adding things on to you to-do list though! These things don’t need to become a checklist, and only really count if you enjoy them or find they help you to relax.


I would absolutely love to know what you all do to take the edge off? Do you have a self-care routine or do you take it as it goes like me? I’m always open to new ideas too!

Thank you for reading!
See you next week,
Amy xo

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