Fundraising for the UK Sepsis Trust | Part Two

Hello There!

First up, I just want to thank you all a tonne for the support I’ve had since I posted Part One. It’s honestly so heart warming to know how lovely everyone is and to know how much my dad meant to so many people.

My main focus now is selling tickets to the event. I realise that some of my readers are not local to me and I appreciate that you can’t necessarily travel, but if you are wanting to there are a lot of cheap, and lovely hotels near by! If not… my Just Giving page is here, and even £1 is huge to me!

I have received so many incredible and lovely raffle prizes, and I will be thanking everyone personally in due time, but for now, please know that it means the absolute world. I am even able to host an “auction” due to your kindness which I honestly didn’t think would be possible! – I’ll explain those “” just below.

For those who are local to me and need some enticing… I’m going to give you a sneak preview of the prizes I have in store. I’m so excited!

First up we have vouchers. There is a £250 Thomas Cook Flight Voucher! Yes… you heard!! Insane right? As well as that there are meals for two and afternoon teas galore! There’s also escape room trips and days out all over. I promise there is something for everyone and you will not be disappointed!

We also have a Thornton’s Hamper, Wine hampers and more chocolate than you can handle, and don’t worry, it’s all calorie free because you’re a winner so you don’t have to worry about that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym, and for those who don’t fancy chocolate there’s a fruit hamper too!

For the big or little kids inside, there are also Lego sets and a fab helicopter up for grabs!

Now, about that “auction”… here’s the tea. We have a signed and beautifully framed Marcus Rashford Manchester United shirt. We also have a signed Idrissa Gana Gueye picture, which is also framed with his replica Everton shirt. On top of both of these we’ve also been gifted a signed Alex Ferguson autobiography, and we’re pretty sure that Liverpool will also be getting added to the lineup! So make sure you’re following my social media channels that I have linked below to be the first to know!

The auction isn’t really an auction. Basically on the night you will be given envelopes, to enter, you just need to put a £1 coin in an envelope and put your name on the front, these will be colour coded for the prizes so don’t worry! – You can put in as many envelopes as you want or as few as you fancy, but the more you spend, the more likely you are to win! So I’d definitely get down!

If you want to take part in any of this but it’s literally impossible for you to attend because I know it’s a rubbish time for those away at uni or that live a trek away, then just drop me a comment, message me on Facebook or a tweet and I will sort something out for you! I just want to raise a tonne of money for the UK Sepsis Trust!

Once again I just want to thank all of those who have shown support, donated a prize and bought tickets, you’re amazing! To those who haven’t… I see you. Don’t worry there is still time! I won’t put you on my hit list just yet.

Please give this post a share, you never know who on your friends lists will be interested and it honestly helps more than you know!

Thank you!

Amy xo

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