Glam Glow || The Review

Hello There!

So in the January Sales, I was lucky enough to bag a sample gift set of the Glam Glow face masks. It included four luxury samples and was reduced from £36 to £24. BARGAIN!

First Up, I’ll talk about the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment… This is probably my favourite of all of them. My skin is always left feeling revived after I use it. I do use it for no less than 45 minutes though, as I don’t see results after the recommended 20 minutes, but still. I love this one.


Next up is the SuperMud Clearing Treatment this is very minty, and makes my skin tingle a little. Despite having mostly dry skin, and not really having much use for this mask in general, I have found it makes a fantastic spot treatment. It has made big, angry red spots disappear over night, and it has become a staple. I don’t think I could handle it as a full mask, but it’s my new little saviour none the less!


Then there is the GravityMud Firming Treatment, this has such a strong scent! At first I thought I would love this, and never use another mask again, and to be fair the after results were great. I love it when you can see a mask working after only one use. The smell does become just a bit too much after a while though!
On a side note, if you love the Wizard of Oz, you will love transforming into the ‘Tin Man’ every time you use this!


And finally, the YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment, this is lush. I didn’t think I’d like this, but its refreshing and my skin feels like new after use. This is another one I use for about 40 minutes, instead of the recommended times, but oh well.
One thing that is weird….the bits!! I literally had bits of what felt like twig and grass on my face? Is this normal? Its not a complaint, just definitely not something that I am used to!


All in all I think these masks are good, I’m not sure I’d have forked out the £42 each for them, but I am glad to have found them at such a bargain price. I’ve been able to do each mask at least 3 times too, so I definitely won. I highly recommend buying the new Multi Masking kit if you aren’t sure which masks you’d like or want, as it has really helped me!

I would absolutely love to know your thoughts on GlamGlow. I realise that I am a little late to the game, but still…

I’ll see you all next week. Stay in touch!
Amy xo

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