My 2018 Goals

Hello There!

I wanted to wait for the big rush of resolutions to dwindle to get myself sorted with my own. I always like to take January slow and settle into the new year, throw in a little extra self care and just relax. There can be a lot of expectations to be the best version of yourself in January, and while some people like that, I hate pressure!

I have a couple of small things I want from 2018. Last year was an awful year for me, and so for 2018 I’m going to be much kinder to myself. In recent years, I’ve lost touch with my true love of music, and so I’m going to try and get to at least one live event each month. So far I have Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Jon Richardson (comedy counts!), which is already far more than last year! I’m looking for some more though so suggestions are more than welcome.

I also have a few travel goals, I can now actually write about going back to Dallas this year because there is no longer any surprises to be kept, and I’m so excited, especially because I can put my pretty new US Passport to use! But aside from this big trip, I would love to see more of the UK – I’d love to know your favourite cities and the best places to stay (student budgets are a killer). I’m based in Chester and Sunderland if that makes a difference?

I would definitely love to be more organised this year. I feel like University definitely is my priority, but I hate that my blog suffers closer to deadlines, because I love this little space on the internet. So I hope that by being more organised I’ll be able to spread out my work loads and plan my content, ensuring that I don’t become a stressed mess the week before submission and my blog goes silent for a week – again I’d really appreciate some tips!

This one is very typical, but I want to be healthier. I don’t want to lose weight necessarily, but I do want to be just that bit fitter (I have the same level of fitness as a rug) and you know to drink more water and things, all the usuals.

Finally, you’ll have hopefully seen that I’m going to be hosting a charity fundraising night for The UK Sepsis Trust, in memory of my Dad. It’s on Friday March 23rd, and any help (or your attendance) is greatly appreciated! You can see my post about it here. So basically, if I complete only one of my goals this year it’s that this night is a huge success and that a tonne of money is raised for such a fantastic charity!

You can find my JustGiving page at the bottom, and even a share is greatly appreciated.

Sorry this was such a lengthy post, and it was so much later than all of the others – you’re probably bored of all these now! But I appreciate you making it to the end.

I’ll see you next week!

Amy xo

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3 thoughts on “My 2018 Goals

  1. Great goals for 2018 they all sound great I’m sure you will achieve all in no time. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Thank you. Fingers crossed that I do!


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