Paramore | Manchester | 19.01.18

Hello There!

I’m sorry that its taken me a week to get this post out! I’ve been super busy with the event and moving back to Sunderland so I’ve had no time to write… but I’m here now so it’s all good!

So, Manchester is January is cold, and very wet, but I was lucky enough to bag two standing tickets for Paramore back in August, which was the perfect Birthday gift for my lovely Boyfriend Matt, who would happily trade me for Hayley Williams and I’m not sure I blame him?

Lets start with the queuing. So this was my first event at Manchester Arena since the bombing, and so I knew things would be different, I just wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to admit though, it was amazing. Never have I felt safer entering a large and crowded place, and so long as you followed instructions, there really wasn’t any inconvenience. The staff were lovely, and nothing was too much trouble.
Doors were at 6, and so we got to the venue at around 3:30pm and were still second row when we got in, so I really cannot complain!

On a side note, can people please stop complaining about people being in front of them when standing!? It’s unreserved and it always has been, why are you moaning!? Just be thankful you made it in to this sold out event and you’re getting to see the artist in the first place please!?
It later turned out that this girl had camped over night, and had been to every date on the tour already, she was also six foot tall, and complained the whole night… thanks for putting me in a bad mood for the night doll… Some of us had to fight for one show, and have waited 10 years for it, so I’m sure you can handle being second row.

Okay, onto the bands. Me Without You were… different. They had a unique sound that at first I likened to 21 Pilots, but that changed pretty quickly. Credit where it’s due, they powered through a broken microphone, which would normally crumble even the most experienced of bands. However, they looked like several individual musicians who had met that morning and been plonked on stage together. There was very little chemistry, if any, and the audience picked up on this. It gave a bad vibe. The drummer, was a show on his own, he was a total joy to watch, and was frankly the only band member who looked happy to be there.
Me Without You definitely made me excited for Paramore, but not in a good way.


Next up is Paramore! (Finally) Now, as a die hard Paramore fan from the Pre-Brand New Eyes era, I was a little worried about seeing this ‘New’ Paramore live. Being honest, I’ve not been a huge fan of the recent albums bar one or two songs, so I wasn’t sure 13 year old me would be left feeling satisfied.

I WAS SO WRONG! They blew me away. Hayley is such a fantastic and energetic performer, and is a joy to watch. Her energy resonates with the crowd too, the entire atmosphere changed, it was beautiful to watch.
I really wish that I could pull off her dance moves.

This is a recording of the Acoustic version of ’26’ that was dedicated to the victims of Manchester’s attack, and the safety of music as an escape. It was honestly stunning.

Personally, Misery Business left me heartbroken, but it’s only because I wasn’t picked to sing, which will forever have me broken. So I’ll just cover it at home again. The three people that did get up though honestly looked, and did an amazing job, so congrats to them! (I’m so jealous!)

I honestly thought that not loving the new album was going to put a downer on this night for me, especially after I had peeped on the setlist, but I honestly couldn’t have had more fun! I honestly cannot wait for their next tour, so that I can hopefully do it all over again!


Thanks for reading the least professional gig review in history, I hope you enjoyed…stay tuned because I’m going to so many live events this year (fingers crossed!)

See you on Wednesday!
Amy xo

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