Big Easy Review

Hey there!

Big Easy is a Bar B.Q and Lobster-shack with three options, Covent Garden, Chelsea and Canary Wharf. I always pick Covent Garden, its easy to get to, and I really like having a wander around Covent Garden.

The first time I visited here was 2013. We found it by accident (My dad sniffed it out – he was amazing when it came to food!). We were enticed in by the incredible weekday lunch menu, that incredibly is available all year round.

The menu of this place is amazing, and their daily deals are also such a bargain, that as a student, I really appreciate, but it really is the weekday lunch menu that keeps pulling me back. For £10 you get a main and a drink, which includes a glass of prosecco and their slushie cocktails. You can add on a Starter or Dessert for an extra £3 each too, which really does top off this deal.

On the several occasions I’ve been here, I always order the Bird in a Bun as a main, and Hush Puppies to start. This is actually the only time that I have seen Hush Puppies served in the UK, and I am in love!!


The Bird on a Bun, is a pulled chicken burger, that is topped with a sweet chilli jam, sweet pickles and onions. This really is to die for and everything compliments each other fabulously!


I’ve also eaten the Bacon Double Cheese Burger, with Jalapeno Poppers to start, again I can highly recommend both. Fairly typical menu items for a place like this, but nonetheless, they taste wonderful!

I would highly recommend that you go to the toilet before you visit here, unless you have your walking boots on ready for the hike you have to go upon to get there, but there are cool sights on the way so I suppose it balances out!

All in all, I had a fantastic time here, the service was quick and very friendly, and I honestly can’t wait to go back.

Have you been here before? what did you think? I love hearing from you.

Amy xo

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2 thoughts on “Big Easy Review

  1. The food looks insane! I am planning to come back to the UK, I will maybe try this out because it looks fantastic, specially the burger!

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    1. I do highly recommend it! Any time I’m in London, it’s my first stop!


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