My trip to London

Hello there!

Last week my lovely Mam took me on a trip to London, we were hoping to have a successful meeting with the US Embassy, but unfortunately things just weren’t in our favour this time. Still though, we had a lush few days. Hats off to Premier Inn because they always offer a fantastic service and they really don’t break the bank. The staff at Wembley Park are lovely.

It was really nice to have just a few girly days with my Mam. We hit up Winter Wonderland first. This was my first time here, despite the fact it’s been running for years. Wednesday night seemed like a perfect time to go, it was busy enough to feel Christmassy and like a real event, but it wasn’t too busy that you had to queue forever to get a drink or food.

I absolutely lived for the atmosphere here. There was singing and dancing, and everyone was happy and joining in. I even managed to win a little gingerbread man (We’ll pretend it required more skill than the ‘hook a duck’ I actually won it from). Although I definitely had a sulk when I saw everyone else with giant prizes from other games. I was just a little bit jealous.

The next day, following an unsuccessful meeting, we took to Harrods for a spot of retail therapy, and expensive cake! Although it was nice cake so there is that. We also made a very last minute decision to catch a show that night. BEST DECISION EVER!! (More on that in my next post!)

Of course, when in London there is only one place I eat at – Big Easy. I highly recommend that you go if you get a chance!

The next day we took a trip to the London Designer outlet. I just wanted to visit the Hamley’s Outlet here, it was small but there were some brilliant savings so it was definitely worth the trip. Although I wouldn’t recommend visiting the Frankie and Bennie’s on this site, as the management were not pleasant and made me feel uncomfortable.

When it came to driving home though… wow. Note to self: driving home in the snow is not fun!!

Thank you for reading!! Keep an eye out for my show review, and my Big Easy review!

Don’t forget that I love hearing from you!

Amy xo

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1 thought on “My trip to London

  1. Winter wonderland is amazing!! So glad you got to experience it.. it certainly looks like you had fun.
    I can’t wait to see what show you went to see!


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