My December GlossyBox 2017

Hey there!

My December GlossyBox has just arrived through my door and so I figured I would share what I have just received with you all.

First up is Kryolan’s Eye Primer.  My first Impression is that it is a good product, it smoothed out my hand when swatching, which is what it claims to do, so I’m certainly excited to use it, and see how it reacts with my shadows.

Next,I have Naobay’s Gel to Milk Cleanser, its starts off as a pretty gold gel, and then as you work into a lather, it does milky. I’ve not yet noticed any drastic changes in my skin after one use, but it felt nice, and didn’t leave my skin feeling too greasy or dry. I’m really excited to give this a proper go, because I have heard great things.

Then I have a Mirror Compact Lypsyl in Vanilla. I don’t think that I ever thought ‘I know what my Lypsyl is missing… A MIRROR’ but i suppose its not really an issue. I prefer a lip balm I don’t have to apply with my finger, but that’s just cause there is nothing worse than gross greasy hands. Still a good shout for a winter box though.

This product is Laqa & Co’s Cloud Lips in the shade DayDream. This has a really creamy formula that isn’t drying on the lips, but still seems to be fairly long wearing. I’m totally new to this brand, but this is definitely a promising insight to the brand.

Finally there is this Black Liquid Liner from Steve Laurant. It’s highly pigmented and the felt tip applicator does make for an easy wing. I’m not yet sure on its staying power, especially with my sensitive and watery eyes, but I am a fan of the product so far. Again it’s another brand that I am new to, but this is definitely giving a good impression so far.

There was also the lovely surprise of some Raffello sweets!!

So far I’m really impressed with my GlossyBox subscription, the last few months have actually been filled with great products and I’ve really enjoyed receiving the little gift to myself each month! This month has definitely been my favourite!

I’ll see you all in my next post.

Amy xo

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4 thoughts on “My December GlossyBox 2017

      1. I’ve started to notice that actually with Birchbox but wasn’t just sure if it was a one off, I’ve received the same(ish) shower gel twice now. I’ll definitely be looking at trying GlossyBox out though now I’ve seen this post! x

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      2. Yeah I got the same volume hairspray 3 months in a row, and in my Birchbox profile I had that as something I never have an issue with…I felt like I was wasting money. But I’m yet to be disappointed by Glossybox so here’s hoping.
        I’m glad I’ve introduced you to them, and I hope you enjoy! X

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