Man Vs Food Review

Hello There!

Another food review for you guys today. This one has been a long time coming but I just didn’t know how to put into words how amazing this place was.

Man Vs Food Grill House is a restaurant based in South Shields, Consett and Middlesbrough. As well as having a huge menu, they also offer challenges where you have to consume an unbelievable amount of food in a certain time limit. As I went here to celebrate my 3 year anniversary with Matt, we stayed clear of the challenges and decided on The Sharing BBQ Smoke Tray for Two. We were given a portion of house nachos, sliced brisket, pulled chicken, beef ribs, a half chicken spicy lamb sausages, chicken wings and pit beans. We were also given a side of fries, and another of our choice, which we ended up picking coleslaw. Then because I love them, Matt also ordered a side of Jalapeno Poppers.

The platter itself costs £25.95 which is stupidly cheap as most places of this style would charge upwards of £35 for a lot less food. There was also a lot more chicken than most places offer, which is great, especially for me, as I don’t usually eat beef ribs or brisket. Spoiler alert though, because this time, I actually ate everything. I normally won’t touch lamb but this was beautiful, the same goes for brisket, but this one melted in your mouth and was flavourful without the overpowering taste of red meat. It was smoky but not burned. I loved it.

The best part about this, was that even though there was so much food, (we actually left the half chicken and one of the beef ribs, as well as some brisket and pit beans), we were actually allowed to take this home, which meant the following night I could enjoy it all over again. This is actually unusual for a food order of this type, but a really pleasant surprise. Hats off to them because it really did just add to the night.

I also have to comment on the lack of pork products, this is something else unusual about Man Vs Food. The majority of smoke houses fill everything they can with bacon or pulled pork, which can often leave some people feeling left out. I did not feel as though I missed the pork element to this meal, and I actually felt less thirsty, as there was no salty bacon. Another Kudos to them, because the inclusiveness is fantastic.

Have you been here before? What do you think of the place? I love hearing from you.

I’ll see you all tomorrow,

Amy xo

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