Brushes that are HOW MUCH!?

Hello there!

My mum very kindly ordered me some makeup brushes, she was browsing and thought they looked pretty… too kind.

They weren’t a brand I had heard of and so I was a little worried about quality, but WOW! I use these things daily and I’m honestly really impressed.

The brushes in question are by Rio, they retail at £29.99 for a 24 piece set, and can be purchased in Argos, and they come packaged in a lovely and convenient travel pouch. Its a bargain really, as it works out at £1.25 per brush!!


The brushes are synthetic, with wooden handles. They’re incredibly soft, but dense enough to do a fantastic job. There is quite literally a brush for everything! My personal favourite is the HUGE fan brush. I’ve been wanting one for a while, so it’s no wonder that I love it so much.

Unlike most cheap brushes, these wash beautifully. I use them daily and have owned them for a couple of months now and I’m yet to see any malting or shedding. This of course is a huge benefit.


Do you own any brushes by Rio? What are your experiences? Any other brush brands that you’d recommend I use?

See you next week!
Amy xo

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