What We All Really Want for Christmas!

Hello There!

Christmas is fast approaching so I figured I’d make a list about what people actually want for Christmas this year, as opposed to some of the crazy gift guides popping up at the moment!

I know we all want to eat unlimited pigs in blankets, turkey, chocolate, mashed potato, gravy and of course yorkshire puddings. Sod those cute dresses and fancy photoframes, just give me food! Even better if you can give it to me, and I eat it all without gaining even a little bit of weight! Seriously,my obsession with Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sandwiches is borderline unhealthy!

If you could also provide me with unlimited prosecco, boozy hot chocolate and coffee I’d be very grateful. With good company of course!

I’d love an outfit that works for any event too please, because I really don’t want all of the faffing before christmas parties. Especially the ‘am I too dressy?’ or ‘is everyone going super fancy?’ I want these things to be fun and stress free and that is 100% the way to do it!

I’d like two weeks off work too please! Especially because working in retail at this time of year is awful, the stores are open later, and apparently it’s my fault we’re sold out of a popular item on CHRISTMAS EVE! Seriously, just be nice to retail staff, and if you can’t do that…BUY ONLINE!


So there you go. Not really a gift guide, but I tell you, they’d be the best gifts in the world if it was!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic December so far, and I will catch you all in my next post!

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Amy xo

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