A Week in the Life of Amy.

Hello there!

I’ve had an exciting week this week, so I figured I’d give you all a little insight into what I actually get up to. As well as all of my usual university things going on, I’ve been out with friends for food (to our very usual and beloved Cooper Rose) to celebrate Thanksgiving – I Know I’m British. I tried the new Christmas Burger, and it’s just wow.

We then went to the Christmas Light Switch On at Sunderland’s Keele Square. There were a couple of Choirs and also Pixie Lott. The whole event was hosted by Sun.Fm, and was actually a lot of fun. We also managed to catch a few of the fireworks from the opening event of the old Fire Station. Fireworks always make me miss Disney, but I love them so much.

Following on from the Christmas lights, me and Niamh from Grab a Cuppa took a very last minute trip to the local Cineworld, firstly because we wanted a Tango Ice Blast, but then also ended up going to see the new Justice League movie. I’m not a big fan of super hero films, but this has just made me take a week off and watch every superhero film there is. It was interesting, and actually did a good job of introducing new characters too. I know it’s gotten some bad press but I actually really enjoyed it.

Friday morning, I got up super early and headed to the beach with Niamh again, so we could take pretty pictures of the sunrise and then get breakfast. It was definitely worth the early start.

I then spent the evening having a cosy night and catch up with my cousin Heather. We listened to Christmas music and just chatted about life, and our Christmas expectations, and of course a cosy night in wouldn’t be complete without a takeaway, and there was so much food!

My weekend was then complete with the arrival of my lovely boyfriend Matt. We like to fit as much into our time together as possible, so we headed straight out for food at the Motiraj in town, I had the nicest Korma I’ve ever eaten there… I really can’t wait to go again.

The following day we took to Newcastle city centre to get that festive feeling with Christmas Markets, and it definitely did it’s job. Of course with Matt and I there is always food involved and so we visited Five Guys – as always, it was pretty amazing.

In Newcastle we managed to see Daddy’s Home 2 which was released this week, it’s a cheesy and cheap laughs comedy but its so funny, and the entire screen was laughing out loud. If you need a good laugh or to feel some festive cheer, I highly recommend you go and see it! Of course we then headed to Red’s True Barbecue afterwards for more fantastic food. It’s Matt’s favourite so it’s really hard to say no.

We also took to the Metro Centre over the weekend, because we just love to aimlessly wander around shops. It’s extra special at this time of year because the Christmas decorations just make everything cosy, and cute, and it just adds something special to the atmosphere.

So that was pretty much my week, it sounds pretty dull I know, but I promise you it was very exciting for me. Next week my mum is visiting, and then we are heading to London so expect even more pictures of Christmas lights and ridiculous hats.

In December, I am hoping to have a post every week day for you so keep those eyes peeled!

Amy xo

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