The YouTubers that I Can’t Get Enough Of…

Hey There!

I don’t watch a huge amount of YouTube, and I’m fairly new to the game so if I’ve missed off your favourite, please don’t be offended I’m just very particular about what I watch on there. Just leave me a comment and let me know your favourite videos and I’ll give them a go. I really want to get some new YouTubers in my life.

Philip Defranco.

This was the first real YouTuber that I started to watch. My boyfriend got me into his news show, and really it took off from there. I live for his news show as it is so honest and unbiased. He also vlogs on a linked channel, and whilst I don’t watch these often I do catch them occasionally. I really do love this guy.


I love these guys. Yes it is Phil again, but his lovely wife Linz DeFranco runs this channel and shows us their gorgeous family. They now have two sons, and they’re just gorgeous. It’s really heartwarming to watch them. They’re also very real, and do show the tantrums and the crying as well as all the cute smiles and cuddles. If you don’t already you should definitely have a watch!


This woman got me into beauty. She made me realise how much fun makeup can be, and is probably the reason I started blogging. I love her to bits, and watch her religiously. I love how relaxed she is, and also how honest she is. I also live for her cookie recipe!


I love Kathleen! Her Kat Chat videos are actually probably my favourites, she just seems so down to Earth and lovely. Her dogs are the cutest and I love how honest she is, especially with reviews. I have dry skin too and so she has really helped me.

Safiya Nygaard

This woman is amazing. I love her videos, she is honest, down to Earth and actually hilarious! I only recently started to watch her but I’ve back tracked on so many videos and I highly recommend.

Jackie Aina

This woman is a queen. She does so much for Women of Colour in the industry and her videos are amazing. She is so open and honest, and actually hilarious. She is so talented.

Who are your favourites? Do you watch any of these guys? I love hearing from you!

Amy xo

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