November’s Top Films!

Hello there!

Halloween is over and it’s officially November! How bloody terrifying? On the bright side it means there are more films and releases to be excited about!

1. Murder on the Orient Express – November 3rd (15)

This was previously released in 1974, but has seen a huge, and exciting reboot. There is a star studded cast and it is expected to do incredibly well in the box office. I’m so excited to catch it myself. Highly recommend.

2. Paddington 2 – November 10th (U)

Whilst I haven’t seen the first, it did remarkably well, and was extremely popular with the family audiences, It’s just missed the half term so I expect weekend showings will be jam packed and who doesn’t love a good film about a famous bear?

3. Justice League – November 17th (12A)

This film has been so highly anticipated, but everyone is also very sceptical. Personally I’m excited, if only for Jason Momoa, but the recent DC Films, just haven’t met the market standard that has been set by Marvel. Regardless this film is set to make some serious money, and I’ll certainly be queuing for my ticket.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of these film and if you think I’ve missed some!

I’ll see you next week,

Amy xo

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