Could this Skin Care change your life?

Hey Guys!

Those of you that follow me on social media will know that over the last week or so I have been testing out the Skin Therapy range from Wilko. The items cost around £1 each and they even have a range suitable for sensitive skin!


There is a Toner, Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Face Wash a Light Moisturiser and Face Wipes. As well as the Sensitive Skin range, there is also a Tea Tree range, which consists of the same products. You can also buy cotton wool pads, cotton buds and cotton wool balls, which are all less than £1.

I decided to buy the Sensitive Skin, Fragrance Free Wipes, the Sensitive Skin Toner, the Sensitive Skin Cleanser and the Sensitive Skin Face Wash. I was hoping to also buy the moisturiser and facial scrub but they weren’t in stock *sobs!* 

The wipes are supposed to respond to the skins moisture needs, and so they hydrate as they cleanse. They are also designed to remove all makeup, including waterproof mascara!
 They are fragrance free, and feel lovely, and stay moist on the skin without being greasy, but I found it didn’t remove all of my makeup. Whilst they were great for removing the main bulk of my makeup, and even removed waterproof eye makeup without causing irritation, my skin still contained makeup, and there was certainly no deeper cleansing, so I wouldn’t use these alone.


The facial wash has been developed with aloe vera to soften and soothe your skin as you cleanse. It is dermatologically approved, fragrance, colour and alcohol free and is also hypoallergenic.Again this is certainly fragrance free and very gentle on the skin, but still does its job. It has a gel like texture and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, or tight after cleansing, but my skin does look and feel clean and refreshed! I love this product!

The cleanser is developed to cleanse your skin and remove the last traces of make-up. It will leave your skin feeling soothed and softened. It is again dermatologically tested, fragrance, colour and alcohol free.

I applied this using the large oval cotton pads also from the range, and it really did remove all the dirt from my skin, and cleared my pores, because it’s a moisturiser, it left my skin feeling lush, and hydrated. I felt so clean and refreshed, I really do love this!


The toner is again colour, fragrance and alcohol free and is designed to tighten pores whilst also soothing and calming your skin.

I again applied this using the large oval cotton pads from the range and found this to work wonders, it was really gentle, and really refreshing, and is great to use on make-up free days to just freshen up your skin. I really like this product, and I’d highly recommend it!

Overall, I think the range is fantastic, and for £1 each, it’s more than worth the money. All of the products were really kind to the skin, and sorted out any of the little blemishes I had at the beginning of the week. Its so nice to see skin care of such high quality so affordable! The Skin Therapy range can be bought in store or online.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this useful! 

Have you tried the range? What do you think? Will you now try the range?

I love hearing from you!!

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See you next week,

Amy xo

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