Ibiza in April


I recently took a week out of my busy life to visit the very beautiful Ibiza, with my lovely boyfriend.

 We flew out from Manchester Airport on the morning of April 26th, with Thomas Cook. My dad even paid a little extra for me to enjoy some space on the plane… and oh my god it was worth it!

Of course, you have to have a shop in the airport too, and lucky me managed to find these beauties! Just as well too because the shoes I had packed were not as comfortable as I had hoped!

The flight was lovely, and very comfortable compared to other experiences, so I arrived happy, relaxed and excited. However, it appeared that everybody on the plane was staying at our hotel, and upon arrival, it seemed that another full plane had arrived from Glasgow and they too were staying in our hotel.

This wouldn’t have been a problem, but the hotel was only opening that day for the first day of the season, and so two full planes of people showing up at the same time did not go down well.




We queued for almost three hours to check in, it was hot and our bags were heavy, and there were a lot of people who just did not want to be there and queuing. It wasn’t a fantastic start to a week I had worked hard for. BUT, the hotel staff honestly couldn’t have been nicer. They made sure that water, soft drinks and beer were brought around and offered free of charge to anyone and everyone. They were also apologising for the waiting times and they even kept lunch on for a longer time so that nobody missed out on food, or was left feeling hungry!

I cannot fault the hotel staff, they couldn’t have been more courteous and polite, and nothing was ever too much trouble.

Our room was huge, we had two bathrooms, two balconies which overlooked the pool, and essentially four beds. We were given a deluxe family room when booking as a free upgrade despite there only being the two of us.

There was tea and coffee provided, and both bedrooms has several mirrors and plenty of plug sockets.

The bathroom had a toilet, sink, shower and bidet and was always spotless. They were huge, and we got a bathroom each… it was fab!




 (Probably should have tidied up before I took those photos… oops!)

The food at the hotel was mostly good.

Breakfast was 8am to 10am and was buffet style, consisting of the usual cereals and toast, bacon and eggs. You occasionally got some chicken nuggets or chips on the buffet as a surprise.

Lunch was 12pm to 2pm, and was again buffet style. This was a little hit and miss for me. I cannot stand anything fish, and so I really struggled to eat lunch some days.

Dinner was served between 6:30pm and 9:30pm, again it was buffet style, and tended to have themes. The first night was Italian, but we also had Spanish, Mexican, Indian and Asian nights. Again some nights there was a lot of fish and so I’d struggle to make a proper meal, but there was always plenty of choice, even for a fussy eater like me!

 Between the hours of 11am and 6pm there was also a snack bar beside the pool. They served crisps and pizza, chips and onion rings.They also served ‘Bonny Chow’ which I later discovered was a sandwich! I tended to go here instead of eating lunch.

I was really impressed by the bar. There were no limitations on drinks in the all inclusive package, and it was here that I discovered my true love of Tequila! The bar opened at 11am and closed promptly at 11pm, which was probably it’s only downfall, as it closed when most people weren’t ready to leave.

What I found most impressive though, was the hotels eco-friendly nature. Upon arrival we had to purchase two red tokens for one euro each. We then traded these tokens at the bar for a red plastic cup branded with the hotel logo. Each time we wanted a drink, we had to give in the red cup, which was then washed and filled with any drink of your choosing.

If you were heading out, you could trade the cups for tokens, so there were no worries about carrying a cup, everywhere you go. Then at the end of the holiday, we were able to trade the cups or tokens back for our euros. Whilst it upset rather a lot of people on the holiday they they were drinking from a plastic cup, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Not only was the hotel reducing its plastic waste dramatically by reusing their cups, they were also giving themselves a lot of free promotion. Nearly everyone will have posted their pictures online, and I can almost guarantee they will have had their drink in their hand on next to them. Hats off to you Coral Star – Too Clever!


Okay, so what did I actually do in Ibiza, cause so far all it looks like is eat and drink, which I suppose isn’t actually too far from the truth.

Our first couple of days away were a little gloomy, so we used these days to sight see and visit the nearby towns and cities, as it wouldn’t be too hot to enjoy the walking.

Problem is, in April…Ibiza is mostly shut. There were no clubs and only a couple of bars, although we did see more bars open throughout the week. The shops were also mostly closed, but I did find a love ‘La Sirena’ which is essentially an outlet store for designer brands…It’s safe to say I did a fair amount of shopping here.


Anyone that knows me knows my love of music, and so it will probably come as no surprise that I am obsessed with Hard Rock. I was too excited to visit another Hard Rock cafe and check it off my list. So we travelled to Eivissa and I must admit that the food and my cocktail were amazing. Possibly my favourite burger that I’ve ever eaten and I’ve eaten a lot!


IMG_1472 (Edited)

We also took time to visit San Antonio Bay and have a drink in Ibiza Rocks Bar, another must do place for me, and you really cannot beat their strawberry margarita.

I am obsessed with sunsets, and it’s well known that Ibiza is famous for them, and so it was really important that we went to watch one. We found a beautiful rocky beach around a two minute walk from our hotel and it really gave some of the most beautiful sights. If you do nothing else when visiting Ibiza, I more than recommend that you take the time to see a sunset. They aren’t famous for nothing!


 (Yep, I made my own Gif!)

Ibiza is honestly beautiful and I would highly recommend visiting if you are ever given the chance! I would also suggest that you wait until the middle of may to take your trip though, as there is very little to see or do, and if you are wanting nightlife, visit between the end of May and beginning of October as all of the huge clubs are open and the place is bouncing.

That’s it from me. Please let me know what you think. Has it inspired you to visit? Have you been before and think I missed a sight or two? 

See you next week!

Amy xo

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