Spread the Love…Part 2!

Hey!! So it has taken me so much longer than I had hoped to get around to writing this, but unfortunately, UNIVERSITY LIKES TO GIVE RIDICULOUS ASSIGNMENTS!! (As I’m sure most of you know.) But, at long last, I have made it back to this page of mine… So HI!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about the event that my cousin was hosting in honour of my Uncle’s memory and to raise money for incredible causes. I’m so proud of Heather and how well the event turned out, it really shows how her hard work had paid off. It was honestly incredible.


I’m pleased to announce that the night raised over £2000, not including the money raised on the Just Giving page ( http://www.justgiving.com/Heather-Howat ). So I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success.

The raffle raised an absolute fortune, as it should… the prizes were amazing!! Seriously, A helicopter ride, hair and beauty vouchers, a pole fitness class and even photo shoots.




 I would like to point out that whilst I am 100% dedicated to the cause, these aren’t all my tickets, some family friends couldn’t make it and left me in charge!

The night had a candy land theme, and whilst I was terrified Heather was going to ask me to dress and an Oompah Loompah for the evening, the theme couldn’t have been more beautiful. A regular old working men’s club was transformed into something so classy. Heather definitely missed her calling and should definitely look into working in Events Management. I’d let her plan a party for me, that’s for sure!



My personal favourite touch was the sweet cart, it had its very own Pick’n’Mix and looked amazing. It can be done to fit almost any theme too…I’m amazed. Plus it had all my favourite sweets on…WIN!!



There was also a raffle for a signed football shirt, Sunderland AFC, which was kindly donated. My brother is a huge fan and put in around £35, and still didn’t win… just to give a little perspective of how many people were taking part and donating all night.



The DJ, was also giving out random prizes throughout the night, just to show that the event was about having a good time and celebrating just as much as it was about raising money.
I’m very proud to say that I won a bottle of wine with Lamis because we were the first on the dancefloor!


I can honestly say that I had the best night surrounded by family and friends, and I’m sure everyone else at the event can say the same. Heather has out done herself and should be truly proud of all of her achievements. I know her Dad will be looking down on her and bursting with pride.

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I’ve just reached 100 like over at my facebook page and i’m seriously so happy so thank you all for that. If you haven’t yet, go and have a look. I’m also on twitter and instagram (@AmyAdores_).

If you haven’t yet but would like to, the Just Giving page is

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Once again, thank you all so much!

See you soon!
Amy xo

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