Halloween made Easy!


As you all know, Halloween is only a week and a half away, and if you’re like me, you probably have thought a lot about it, but have no idea what you’re going to do! So I am here, to show you a few little things I’ve learned over the last week or so, that may give you that little bit of inspiration that you need!


So, this is just a small head wound, (You can literally do this anywhere on the body)
You will need:

  • Glue Stick (Preferably white or clear, to make your life easier!)

  • Concealer

  • Foundation

  • Red, Blue and Purple Eyeshadow

  • Creamy Black Eyeliner

  • Red Lipstick

  • Fake Blood


First, cut off a small section of the glue stick off, dip your fingers in water, and mould the glue in the desired position on the face. Try to get as smooth of a line as possible on the outer edging, at this makes the cover up later up a little easier.
(I am doing this on an already made up face, this isn’t a necessity but it does help!)


You then need to let this dry… If you have a lot of spare time, go ahead and do this naturally, I’ll be using my hair dryer (Sometimes, being a lazy girl has its perks!)


Now it’s time to cover that bad boy up. I’d start with your usual foundation, and then blend further with concealer. You can use just the concealer, but I find the foundation speeds things up a little.


Then, more drying! (Yay!)


Next, It’s time for the initial bruising, in the form of eyeshadow anyway. I’ve used a combination of three shades, and some big fluffy brushes, blending is key! Don’t worry too much at this point though, because you’ll add more of this later!






The next step is adding the eyeliner to the centre of the wound to give that dried blood effect, but also add depth. You then add the red lipstick to the top of the eyeliner to give a more gory and lifelike look.







This is where you go back and add some more bruising, as you have more of a feel for the look of the wound and where this needs to be placed.
(Unfortunately, I’m an idiot and skipped straight to the next step when taking pictures, sorry!)

Now, you’re almost finish and can add that pesky fake blood.
(Side Note: I got mine from a pound shop, and its actually amazing, I kept finding it on my arms and panicking that I’d hurt myself!!)
I started being really neat and using the handle of a brush, then, it hit me that blood isn’t exactly neat and just squirted it everywhere. It looked like a scene from AHS!





Not the worst for a first attempt!


If you feel that look isn’t scary enough for you, continue it down the face, maybe add some contacts for good measure?





If that still doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not but a small facepaint kit and try some of these?


Not bad for a first attempt at the Inner Demon look! This is my take on a recent _nikkietutorials video!




Thank you for reading this week! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or anything you’d like me to do or try? Please let me know if you would like me to film any of these tutorials? Or if there’s a look or product you’d like me to try?
Don’t forget that you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@AmyAdores_), if you’d like to stay more up to date, and you can even like my facebook page (Just search AmyAdoresBlog)

I hope to see you all next week!
Amy xo

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