The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette…My Thoughts



As the majority of you know, the new Urban Decay Naked Palette arrived in stores last Thursday and the excitement was real. Lucky old me, had it delivered by surprise to my new flat last Tuesday by a very lovely boyfriend who wanted to surprise me (and that he did).


This palette has been long awaited as it boasts ALL MATTE shades, which previously Urban Decay hadn’t done. But finally, our prayers have been answered, and answered well.

I do have to give Urban Decay a 10/10 for packaging. Does anything they do honestly ever get less? Seriously. Everything always looks so beautiful.




So there are twelve shades in total and they range from light to dark (which is always nice). Personally, I find the lighter shades aren’t as pigmented when applied to the lids and so I recommend spaying your brush when using them, as this just allows for added pigmentation and enhances the colour.



The darker shades though… they make my heart happy. Especially Extra Bitter!!

The palette includes a little brush and a mirror, perfect for using the palette on the go and travelling! Although mine can’t be held (It broke during delivery! – Thanks UD!) so maybe not for me! The brush is little, but still comfortable to use. It’s also double ended so it means less brushes to take away on your travels, but you can still give the same effects…win win really!



(Please excuse how dirty it is…just used it!)

Overall, I think this palette is amazing. Whilst the highlight shades aren’t as special as others, the darker shades are beautiful and the matte finish has been something we’ve all needed (admit it!) I would highly recommend this palette to anyone. It’s great for playing around with your look, and that everyday natural look that we all want too.


Thank you for reading! I hope you found this useful. Please let me know your thoughts..Have you bought the palette yet? Are you going to? I’d love to know!
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Amy xo

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