A Beginners Guide to Beauty that won’t Break the Bank!


I realise that many people are just starting out with makeup, maybe you don’t know how to use some products, or maybe you don’t know where to start. So here I am going to give a brief list of essentials to get started with, that aren’t expensive and fairly easy to get hold of! I hope it helps!


Firstly, I always start out with a moisturised face, no matter what your skin type, hydration is key! It gives your makeup a nice base and keeps your skin healthy too.

Okay, let’s kick this off with Foundation. It goes on first and basically acts like another layer of skin. There are many types of foundation, powder, liquid and cushion are the main types. I find that liquid are the easiest to use, and depending on your own preferences on the look you wish to achieve there are different coverage option, for light to full and there are also different feels.

For example I light to use a medium feel, full coverage foundation. I would recommend L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte (£10), if you’re looking for a medium weight, high coverage foundation. If its Medium for both you like the sound of, I would suggest Revlon’s Colourstay (£13). If you’re looking for light coverage and an almost non-existent feel, I would suggest Tinted a moisturiser by Nyx (£8).






Side Note: To test the shade of your foundation, swatch on your neck as this will give the most accurate shade for your skin tone, which will allow for accurate blending (and beating the oompah-loompah faze).


Next is Concealer. This does exactly what you think, it conceals. It is perfect for covering any blemishes or dark under eye circles, anything you feel you’d like to cover. I like to use concealer to lighten the under eyes and highlight the cheekbones. Concealer comes in two main forms, liquid, and stick. My preference is liquid as it is easier to blend and I find that stick concealers tend to pull at the face. For a liquid concealer I would suggest Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel (£6), and for stick concealer I would suggest Revlon’s Photoready concealer (£7). Both give great coverage and are easy to apply and blend.





Powder should follow applying all cream based products, it helps to keep them in place all day. I really like Collection’s pressed powders (£2), they’re easy to apply (but do require a brush..Wilkinsons do a fantastic range all less than £6). Collection powders also come in many shades and tend not to settle into any creases so it gives a flawless finish. If you aren’t looking for any extra coverage, look for a powder that says translucent, as this will add no extra colouring to your face of coverage.


Blush is an excellent way to add definition to the face with a splash of colour. My favourite is the Revolution Hot Spice palette (£6), as this contains several shades that suit any skin tone or look (you can use the same brush as you did for your powder!)





There are a million different types of lip products, some are easier than others to apply. A personal favourite of mine are Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream products (£5.50). My favourite shade is Cannes (Shock! I’ve mentioned it in everything I’ve written!) I find these apply beautifully but are easy to apply and long lasting. They also come in a huge range of colours so there is a shade there to suit everyone.


Finally, to complete the look add mascara to the eyelashes. This really just sets off the eyes and finishes any look. I would highly recommend Avon’s Superextend Lengthening Mascara – It does the job of several mascaras and always looks fantastic and the wand makes it really easy to apply! I would also recommend an eyelash curler, most brands make them, my personal favourite is by Nyx it really grabs all the lashes gives a beautiful curl!





Thank you so much for reading! I hope it has helped you on your journey into the beauty world! If you think I’ve forgotten anything or would let to know more please leave a comment or drop me a message on facebook or twitter! I’d also love to know your favourite beauty products! Let me know!

Amy xo

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