Brush Cleaning…It isn’t all that bad!


So, it’s probably the least fun bit about makeup. It takes time and effort and who can honestly be bothered? Unfortunately though, brush cleaning is essential and 100% necessary (nobody wants bacteria breeding in their brushes and being spread throughout their collection!!)

I’m here to talk you through my routine in hopes that it helps. I would normally clean my brushes once a week to once a fortnight. Ideally, foundation and concealer brushes should be cleaned weekly, to prevent product build up. Brushes used around the eyes, surprisingly only monthly, although the more they’re cleaned, the less bacteria your eyes will come into contact with and so less infections will occur (YAY!)


You will Need:

  • A Sink

  • A Gentle Shampoo (I use baby shampoo)

  • A Brush Cleaner Tool (Palm of your hand or a shallow bowl will work too!)

  • A Lint Free Cloth (a hand towel will do if you’re struggling)



  1. Run your brush under lukewarm water, this will rinse out any residual makeup. It’s best to focus on the actual bristles though, as too much water where the bristles meet the handle, can cause the glue to loosen over time (nobody wants that!!)


2. Squirt a small amount of your shampoo onto the brush cleaner or into the shallow bowl (with a little water) or palm of your hand (It’s all about preference! – I love my brush cleaner and it was only £1 on Amazon, or £1.50 in Primark!) then, gently swirl the brush tip and work up a lather.





3. Rinse the brush tip in running water, again trying to avoid where the head meets the handle.

You should repeat steps 2 and 3 until the water runs completely clear from the brush.

4. Gently use a cloth to wipe the brush clean and reshape the bristles (You don’t want a bent fan brush!)


5. Place the brushes on a cloth to dry. This works best with no brush overlap and the brushes placed totally flat.

And there you go… Your brushes will be sparkly clean.

I find that it’s always good to clean your brushes an hour or so before bed, this means that there is plenty of time for them to dry before they need to be used again, so you know they’re ready for you in the morning.

You can always pamper yourself at the same time and put on a face mask!


Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you found this helped or if you do things differently! I’d love to know what you think and how you do things!

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Amy xo

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