Spectrum Brushes: No Unicorns were harmed in the Making..


So I’m all moved into to my flat in Sunderland and I’m feeling productive so I am back. It was recently my birthday and my wonderful boyfriend (who asked me to mention he paid – still wonderful) bought me the beautiful 10 Piece Essential Set from Spectrum Collections…So I’m going to talk about them – WORTH IT!!!


So, the Essential Set is £39.99 and contains brushes that cover the majority of areas, there are brushes for the face; eyes and lips and for application and buffing.

Spectrum Brushes are set into three categories, Application, Buffing and Contouring. This set contains:

A is for Application:


A01: Domed Powder Brush. This brush is so so soft. It’s perfect for applying finishing powder or just adding a dust of bronzer. I often leave this brush in my handbag as it is perfect for touch ups and is a good all-round brush, it doesn’t pick up too much product so is great for light dusting of powders etc. This is a potential favourite of mine!!


A05: Precision Blush Brush. This brush is brilliant for highlighting and accenting cheekbones. It’s great for applying buildable colour to cheeks as it applies light amounts of product. It’s perfect for a natural look. This really is an essential brush!


A06: Large Fluffy Shader. This brush is essential for any eye shadow application, both powder and cream products. The dome shape means it’s great for applying product all over the lid, but it’s fluffy so it gives a perfect blended look. It’s great for everyday looks and for intense, dramatic looks.


A09:Angled Eyeliner. This is the thinnest brush of the set. It is designed to apply eyeliner of the gel or cream form, but can work well with liquid eyeliner too. I love this brush, because you can be so precise with it, the angled feature is so useful and it’s soft enough to use against the lash line.


A15: Lip Liner. This brush is perfect for giving a precise line to the lips before applying further lip products. It’s stiff enough to allow for precise lines but is still soft enough for comfort.


A17: Precision Angled Brow. This brush is best used for filling, shaping and defining brows. It’s firm and so can be used for gel or powder products, but still soft enough for comfort. I also use this brush with gel or cream products to define and line the lower lash line.

B is for Buffing and Blending.


B01: Flat Top Buffer. This brush is my favourite for  blending my liquid and cream products, particularly my foundation. It gives a really even finish and an airbrushed look. It’s really easy to give a light look or build for a fuller coverage. I also find that this is great for contouring with cream products as it blends the products seamlessly making for a very natural look.


B03: Baby Buffer. This is my absolute favourite brush for blending concealer and hiding my dark under eye circles. I use my fingers to apply concealer but then use this brush to buff it out for a flawless finish!


B04: Small Angled Blender. This brush is so versatile. It gives the PERFECT crease contour of the eye. It’s a soft angled brush so it is great for adding shading to the outer corners and blending into the crease.


B06:Tall Tapered Blender. This is an excellent blending brush for eyes. It can be used to create soft and romantic looks as well as dramatic smoky looks. It really builds up the colour in the crease of the lid. this brush can seriously do no wrong!!

Unfortunately, The essential set doesn’t contain any brushes from the C is for Contouring range. However, the brushes it does contain are versatile enough to create any look! I just really wish there was a fan brush included, although it isn’t a huge miss.

Thank you all for reading! Please let me know your thoughts on the Spectrum Brush collections, if you have them or want them? Feel free to follow my blog, comment and like, I promise to get back to you all. I’m also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to hear more from me!

Amy xo

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