My Beauty Wishlist 2016


First I want to apologise for this being a couple of days late, however, I was whisked away to the beautiful Welsh coast for a mini break by my lovely boyfriend Matt. There was literally no signal there…so this had to be put on hold. But, I’m back now feeling very refreshed and relaxed so here goes…


   As my birthday is less than a month away, I’ve decided to put together a beauty wishlist (it was Matt’s idea…apparently I’m hard to buy for). This is just a few things I’d love to add to my collection or try. I’ll try not to make this too long!

1. Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Hair Recover Mask.


This hair mask is supposed to leave hair glossy and silky without weighing it down. I have dry and fairly damaged hair (I need my hairdresser to stop shouting at me!) so I feel like this would be the perfect addition to my collection and if it actually works…my new best friend.

2. Spectrum Makeup Brushes.


I have a fairly poor collection of makeup brushes due to my beauty obsession only being recent, therefore my brushes have always been cheap and a quick fix. It’s only now that I realise how important makeup tools are…and really if they can look pretty too…you’re winning! I’m yet to hear a bad thing about these brushes and they are still relatively cheap for such high quality. I’m super excited to get my hands on these!

3. NailsInc Spray Can Nail Polishes.



 I’m in love with the idea of fairly effortless, but pretty nails! I’m useless when it comes to painting nails so if I can paint a base coat, spray, top coat and then wash my hands to finish…I’m going to be very happy. It’s fairly mess free and I get an easy life. While I have heard they aren’t worth their current £10 price tag due to easy chipping, I’m still really excited to give these a try! My current favourite shades are Mayfair Lane and Mayfair Market.

4. Quick Fix Facials: Vitamin C Miracle Mask – Over Night Glow Boost


This is supposed to give dull and tired skin an energy and hydration boost. I like the idea of leaving it on overnight then just washing it off as part of my morning routine. However I am a little worried as I tend to have combination/oily skin and so I fear this will cause breakouts, but I am excited to try this.

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 Eye Palette.

So this is more of a replacement, as I may have dropped mine down some stairs causing an eye shadow explosion. A little bit like some very pretty pink fireworks. Basically I love this palette but I’m a poor poor Psychology student who has extremely expensive books so cannot pay for any Naked palettes without a lot of judgement.

Thanks for Reading! Please let me know if you think that there is something I should add to my list in the comments!

Amy xo

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