My latest haul!


So I may have spent a little too much on pay day (and even managed to con my boyfriend out of some beauty treats too) and so I thought I would give some first impressions of these beauties. A couple were featured in my previous post, so I’ll try not to ramble too much about those (I’m making no promises!)

I never do my makeup without my Minnie Mouse ears..5!! Maybe line too good right now😍Saturday consisted of a mini haul..


So as I have already talked about them, I’ll keep my mention of the Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara by Too Faced, and the Soft Matte Lip Cream (19. Cannes) by Nyx, short and sweet. Both are very high quality products and definitely worth the price. Both products have also left me eager to try the rest of their line, so with Nyx, I want to try more shades and different lip products, just to see if the high quality is company wide. The mascara has actually opened me up to the world of Too Faced products, and I must admit that I am in love and hoping to try so much more – especially the melted lipsticks, they look and smell amazing!! I have however found the mascara to look a little clumpy, as the brush holds so much product, but that might just be me and my foolish ways.




Down to business.

Maybelline are wowing me so much lately; I decided to try a new concealer and by accident/ in a rush found their FIT me! concealer, which I tried in shade 10, and wow! It’s application is simple and it gives a really good coverage, whilst also brightening the under eyes and giving an “awake” look. It also doesn’t feel too heavy and blends nicely, which is always a bonus! As their little counter in my local Tesco had a little 2 for £10 deal, I decided to also try some on their Baby Skin, Instant Pore Eraser. Again I was really impressed. You can wear this under foundation as a primer, or without any other products for smoother natural looking skin. So far I have only tried this under my foundation but I really like it, there are instant results and again it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It is easy to apply and seems to last throughout the day! A little later on I went back and bought the Colour Show Matte top coat, and shock…I was so impressed! So impressed that I went home and painted each of my nails with different polishes and colours just to see how well it worked..which was incredible. So Maybelline, I salute you and your such high quality yet affordable prices!


Next is Nyx, another new found obsession of mine. Here I bought Lash Curlers and a Pencil Sharpener, which may seem a little boring, but both are wonderful! This is my first pair of lash curlers that I’ve ever really had interest in, and these were affordable, so if i freaked out about the big hunk of metal I was throwing at my eye and never wanted to go near them again…it wouldn’t feel like a huge waste. However.. I love them. Results are instant, and I still use them on no makeup days just to lift my lashes and open my eyes that little bit more – big thumbs up from me! The pencil sharpener is another win because it does skinny and thick/chunky pencils all at once, and nothing makes me happier!! I also bought the Super Skinny eye Marker, I again found this to be a great product. It’s long lasting, doesn’t crack or settle into lines. It also doesn’t print elsewhere or smudge easily. I much prefer this to the Urban Decay, Ink for Eyes pen, and it is just that little bit cheaper which is nice too! Another Nyx purchase was my first ever brow pencil and it’s the Sculpt & Highlight dual brow contour pencil. As a beginner I found this product so easy to use and the Cream/Brunette colours, actually matched my natural brows really well. It really helps me to frame my face and complete my makeup look. My one downfall of this product is that the highlight end snapped really early on, and whilst it is still usable…I didn’t do anything to break it (so I’m a little annoyed). To complete this I bought the Control Freak eyebrow gel too. I use this on makeup free days too, just because my eyebrows have a mind of their own and this was the discipline they have always needed. Overall…Nyx, I love you!
My final purchase that I want to tell you about (and then I promise I will stop rambling and let you go on with your day) is PS… Gel Effect Nail Polish from Primark. It was only £1.50 and so I wasn’t expecting miracles but I loved the colour, and when it is so cheap, a few coats doesn’t seem so bad! However, I got this home and painted my nails and instantly loved it. It is so pigmented and I only needed a single coat. I’m not normally a person for a high shine gloss however so I teamed it with the Maybelline matte top coat that I mentioned above just to really set the nails and OH MY GOD. I AM IN LOVE!!! I think I will be going back to buy the rest of their collection. The only issue I have is that the colours have no names… so I will just have to hope the pictures are enough help for you!
HOW IS A POLISH THIS GOOD ONLY £1.50!_!_ _primark are amazing😍 such high quality for such a low price13741244_1133011753408912_2066272006_n(1)

Left: Single coat of Primark Polish. // Right: Single coat of Primark Polish with Matte top coat from Maybelline.

Side Note: I apologise for such poor quality in my nail painting. I’m working on it, I promise!

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if there are any products you think I should pick up in my next haul, and your opinions on the products I have here…

Amy xo

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