My Top Five Products!


These are my top five products that I’ve been using in the last month or so they range from high end to drugstore makeup and maybe even some cleansers and washes too!

1. So first on my list has to be the Nyx: Soft Matte Lip Cream which I have in 19.Cannes. It’s currently priced at £5.50 in the UK which is a bargain for such a high quality product! The applicator is a sponge tip, and the product itself dries beautifully. Cannes is quite a pinky nude shade and is so long lasting (like I can eat a burger and it’s still standing). I feel like this may not be the case with some of the darker or more abstract shades but its still a great formulas, and really great for the price!

IMG_6090  IMG_6138

     Side Note: this smells AMAZING!! So chocolaty and creamy!!

2. My second favourite product is probably Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo in Coconut & Exotic Tropical. I’m a lazy girl with fairly thick and long hair, and so washing, drying and styling my hair is the bane of my life! Batiste makes this part of my day so much easier, a quick spray and a brush and my hair looks clean and can be easily styled. The best part is you can add Batiste to clean hair to give it extra body and grip when styling and it smells lush. In Boots its only £4.99 for a 400ml tin!

3. This has to be the Too Faced: Better than Sex Mascara, particularly the waterproof version as I suffer with watering eyes and so my makeup tends to suffer too. Prior to this past week or so I swore by Urban Decay for their eye products, especially their Perversion mascara and Ink for Eyes black liquid eyeliner, however I noticed more smudging and the UD products not lasting as long and so I tried the Too Faced mascara and fell in love. It’s so build-able and easy to layer. It’s not too heavy and so my lashes look fuller and voluminous throughout the day. Definitely worth £19!

Side Note – I REALLY love the Too Faced Packaging!

4. Every part of me has been screaming “MENTION NAKED PALETTES GOD DAMMIT!!” and so here we go. I love Urban Decay and despite falling out of love with their liners, I’m yet to find an eye-shadow palette that I love more than a Naked Palette (I’m welcome to try though!!). I’m particularly favourable of the Smoky palette – I use it almost every day. although they are £38..they are definitely worth the money!


5. My fifth product is a regular product empty of mine. Camomile, waterproof eye and lip makeup remover, from the Body Shop. My God. This removes dirt and makeup you didn’t even realise you were wearing! (SERIOUSLY!!). It’s light on the face and doesn’t feel like a chemical either. It also smells pretty good. It can seem a little pricey as it is £9 for 160ml, but you don’t need a lot of product to do the job so it balances out!


Thanks for reading! Please let me know of your favourite products, and your opinions of the ones I’ve chosen!

Amy xo

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